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     Lucia is realizing the dream of every performing singer/songwriter. She logs ever more road-time with her band, performs for an ever-expanding circle of fans, and watches her music bring people together, all while probing the full range of melodic, vocal, and lyrical talent available to this modern pop and R&B songwriter.

Lucia, upbeat, happy, and intuitively melodic in her writing, is deeply reflective and instinctive. Not satisfied to re-write Romeo and Juliet over and over again as so many others do, Lucia explores the idea of Love from many angles on her recent self-titled release, digging deeper as her most recent record progresses.

     In Constant Battle, the opening track, Lucia discovers Desire and trembles, giddy and deliciously lost in the grip of New Love. In Saying Goodbye, she plumbs the depths of her own inner strength in advising us to love ourselves by rejecting a lesser love, and finally, she has this to say about the gorgeous and inspiring We Are One.

“We Are One is probably my favorite track on the new record,” Lucia’s voice, even in conversation, sounds like a singers voice; clear, warm, un-ruffled, “ started out as
a spoken word poem about the need to honor and respect each other and the earth; challenging one another to know that we’re more alike than we are different, and when I turned it into a song, it became a message about the necessity of collective love.”

     Lucia grew up around music and she tasted the lifestyle early in life. She has an honesty and a passion about music and the power it can have. She believes in melody and it shows in the emotional power of the songs she writes and sings.

“This is my calling, you know? So I have to honor that. Besides, it’s easy to see how music makes people feel, and when I realized that I could sing, it helped me find my voice in more than just one way.” features some electrifying duo performances with her producer, Scott Smith playing simple guitar accompaniment, and the tangible allure of her voice and open-hearted performance leaps from the screen.

If any record stands a chance at becoming the soundtrack to a generation of romance, Lucia Valentine’s self-titled new collection of songs stands as a clear contender in a heavy-weight division that has no idea she’s coming... yet.

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